In the second decade of September, a selection of Manzoni Bianco and Glera (Prosecco) grapes from our vineyards in the Montello district are set out to dry in our granaries (which are called SOÈR in Venetan dialect). After drying, which lasts at least 4 months (just think that we obtain only 0.2 litres of wine from 1 kg of grapes) a must that is particularly rich in sugars, perfumes and body is obtained after pressing; the must is subjected to extremely slow winter fermentation in barriques of French durmast oak, with refinement for at least 12 months in steel tanks prior to bottling. This is a wine for meditation, which has a golden yellow colour, a persuasive, fruited and honey-like perfume. The taste is sweet and smooth. This wine can be combined with dry pastry at the end of the meal and with cheese dressed with herbs. It is highly recommended as a drink even alone, just to make life sweeter.
It should be served at temperatures of 13-15° C.